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Arden Baby Shaping Pillows

Light Yellow
Sky Blue

Our Arden Baby Shaping Pillows helps prevent flat-head syndrome (PLAGIOCEPHALY). It is designed to distribute pressure evenly over the skull while baby lies on their back, which helps the baby develop the proper head shape. The crib cushion is made with the highest quality materials for your baby's comfort and safety. Super soft velvet cotton fabrics, lightweight, and breathable perfect for all seasons.

Style and Features:

  • Memory foam baby pillow
  • Bear-shaped 
  • Recommended by pediatricians for proper development of the baby's skull and avoid plagiocephaly or flat head
  • The inner core is made of 100% Premium Quality memory foam
  • Environmentally friendly and fire-retardant
  • All materials are safe, soft and breathable that is suitable all the season
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry so you can take it with you wherever you go
  • Can be used in cribs, strollers, beds, carrycots or wherever you want


  • Surface: Velvet
  • Inner: Memory Foam

Size: 26 x 20 cm

Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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