Jules Changing Pad

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Sky Blue
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Pack all you need for a short trip out with your baby with our Jules Changing Pad. Our baby’s fidgety, curious little hands can make diaper changes quite challenging. This resolves the struggles our new parents face. The sides fold up and create a barrier that you can use for attaching toys to keep your child’s hands occupied while you clean them up. With an inner pocket for quick access to baby essentials, makes diaper-time comfortable on any surface, and fits everyone from infants to toddlers up to 3 years old. Laminated outer fabric makes sanitation a breeze even if you need to lay it on a dirty bathroom floor. Easily fold back the pad down to small clutch size and simply hang it on the stroller and you're hands-free!

Style and Features:

  • Easier diaper changes: Makes cleaning and changing a breeze.
  • Strap with clip, simply hang on the stroller
  • Large surface area
  • Interior pouch for storage
  • Comfy and Waterproof material ensuring dry comfort for baby and easy cleaning for mommy
  • Folds up to a small clutch bag
  • Stylish design


  • Oxford


Open: 70 x 71cm

Close: 38 x 17cm


Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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Micca L. verified customer review of Jules Changing PadMicca L. verified customer review of Jules Changing Pad

This is a really awesome changing pad clutch. After 4 babies and many diaper changes I've tried lots of different changing pads, and tables. This addresses several concerns I've had with other changing pads. First of all it's cute, it's compact, and fits nicely into my diaper bag with room to spare. Second, it has pockets to store a few diapers, wipes, and cream so you don't have to haul your big bulky diaper bag with you into the bathroom. Third, it has a much larger surface area to keep your baby from touching the dirty changing table. I'm very pleased with my purchase, if you have a baby you need this!

Micca L.
United States
Faye R. verified customer review of Jules Changing PadFaye R. verified customer review of Jules Changing Pad

Takes me about 20 minutes just to change my son's diaper before...it gets even messier when he poops coz he loves to wiggle and touch everything down there..NOT ANYMORE!!!

Faye R.
United States
Grace S. verified customer review of Jules Changing Pad

This thing is really awesome. I'm not sure why people feel that diaper changes are always quick and easy. Maybe it's a first-time parent thing. With this, we just close the sides and hand him a toy to entertain himself with. He's still a little wiggly, but we've all but eliminated the hands-in-diaper issue. It's lightweight, folds down nicely, and has been great for travel.

Grace S.
United States
Erica U. verified customer review of Jules Changing PadErica U. verified customer review of Jules Changing Pad

Wonderful product! I use this every time I do a diaper change when out and about. Not really needing the top portion in full yet as my little one is only 4 months old and not into moving around too much during changes yet, but know it will come in handy pretty soon.

Erica U.
United States
Deena A. verified customer review of Jules Changing PadDeena A. verified customer review of Jules Changing Pad

I kept thinking I needed to invent a way to keep my baby's hands out of the mess but luckily I don't have to. This takes up no more room than a traditional mat but has a cone that keeps baby's hands out of the germs. I've used it on 3 poopy diapers so far today and it's made it so much easier on both of us.

Deena A.
United States
Reese A. verified customer review of Jules Changing PadReese A. verified customer review of Jules Changing PadReese A. verified customer review of Jules Changing Pad

Used primarily when on the go and had to change the little man in the car. It has been a lifesaver and keeps him from rolling everywhere. Now that he is bigger he wants to grab the dirty diaper so this keeps him from it. One of my favs! Recommended!

Reese A.
United States

It has a sleek design that makes it easy to transport. I also like that there's a pocket inside and I can easily change diaper with ease. Excellent product. Would buy again and give to all my expecting friends!

Tina M.
United States

I’m actually really impressed with this changing pad. This could totally replace a diaper bag, it has a little handle to carry around with you. Great buy for sure!!!

Cherry D.
United States

I love it but my daughter hates it lol. no more touching anything she shouldn't. Prehang things for them to play with but be careful when velcroing not to hit them in the face with it. :-)

Bailey C.
United States

This does exactly what it's supposed to do and keeps my baby's hands out of the diaper and I couldn't be happier!

Esther S.
United States

Once your little one begins to become aware - and can move around/roll over, this product is great to keep that baby contained while you deal with the diaper mess. Awesome product!!

Kelley V.
United States

This is an amazing product! I really wish I had ordered it sooner. If you have an active baby (you know who you are!), I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

Jessica T.
United States

The changing pad is great. Does exactly what it ought to, great price too. I'm really happy with this.

Precious G.
United States

I love this diaper pad so much, my son peed on it and it was super super easy to clean off. Very convenient and I can bring with me everywhere my baby and I go

Alicia W.
United States

This little changing pad is awesome. I don’t always want to carry my large diaper bag everywhere, so for quick trips I can grab this and go.

Rebecca C.
United States