Keva Baby Inflatable Water Cushion


Give baby some tummy time while they entertain themselves with our inflatable water activity cushion. Pediatricians highly recommend placing babies on their tummies to play because it helps strengthen their leg and arm muscles to prepare them to crawl. Tummy time toys are a fun way to help your baby meet their developmental milestones. Simply inflate it, fill with water, and your baby is ready for tactile and visual fun!

Style and Features:

  • Durable And Leak Free sensory tummy time toys are constructed of eco-friendly heavy duty PVC, providing you with a mess-free fun way to entertain your baby boy or girl.
  • Stunning and eye-catchy graphics: watch as your little gets fascinated by the bright colors, sharp contrasts, and cute floating toys.
  • An essential tool for developing solid head, neck and shoulder muscles as well as honing hand-eye coordination, fine motor, and social skills.
  • It folds easily when empty into your purse or toy bag to bring along anywhere you go.
  • Easy To Assemble tummy time water cushion: simply fill the outer ring with air and the inner mat with your desired level of tap water, set it on the floor and let the fun begin
  •  For ages 3 months and up with a large roomy play size area designed to keep your baby boy or girl's interest riveted.


  • 0.3PVC environmental 6P material


Size: 50 x 70 cm


Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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